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Schlegel Electronic Materials Asia Limited
Shielding Products

Schlegel Electronic Materials Inc was incorp in 2005 and Schlegel Electronic Materials Asia Limited was incorp in June 1995. and Schlegel (Dongguan) Electronics Limited is “a company established in PRC with limited liability on December 2001. It acts as major R&D and manufacturing site of Schlegel Electronic Materials in Asia.

We offers various forms of EMI shielding product, such as EMI fabric-over-foam gasket, window and door sealing gasket, building product gasket, conductive foam, elastomer and microwave absorber. In addition to the shielding characteristic, they also exhibit excellent flame retardant properties. We offer products that would enable the computers, telecommunications and electronics industries to comply with the global requirements of electromagnetic compatibility.

Product Category

Fabric over Foam Gaskets

NiCu-C22: Nickel-Copper plated polyester ripstop fabric with Schlegel protective top coating.

Fabric Over Silicone Gaskets

a well-respected leader in the EMI Shielding industry, introduces Fabric over Silicone EMI Gaskets (FoS) for high temperature applications.

DynaShear / DynaGreen®

an innovative EMI shielding gasket family for the shielding of modules in card/cages environment that is able to offer superior features over metal fingerstocks and current Fabric-Over-Foam gaskets.

Conductive Foam

CF Conductive Foam. SEM CF Foam, a highly resilient Nickel-Copper polyurethane foam is sandwiched between SEM’s knitted and non-woven fabrics to form industry-leading die-cut gaskets.


Information Technology Equipment and other electronic devices must comply with various international radiated emissions and susceptibility requirements.

Conductive Elastomers

silicone gaskets provides shielding capability in diverse markets and applications, including the military, aerospace, medical, fluid seal, environmental and microwave applications.


The BandSorb® absorbers are currently available as silicone rubber elastomer and a dielectric foam absorber.

Conductive Tapes

Conductive Tapes meets the customer needs for flexibility, higher conductivity, and easier installation. They are vailable with conductive and non-conductive adhesives and in a wide range of widths.

I/O Shielding Gaskets

I/O gaskets provide effective shielding for everything from computers to consumer electronic devices to large arrays in telecommunications cabinets.

Environmental / EMI Shielding

First Two-in-One Product of its Kind: E/E hybrid Gasket provides environmental seal and EMI shielding.

Shielding Windows

As the originator of the fabric-clad foam EMI shielding technology, Schlegel EMI is the industry’s most trusted name.

BeCu Fingerstock

the pre-eminent manufacturer of fabric over foam EMI shielding products, offers a complete line of quality beryllium copper (BeCu) EMI gaskets.

Vent Panels

As the originator of the fabric-clad foam EMI shielding technology, Schlegel EMI is the industry’s most trusted name.

PermaFlow Filter

Schlegel‘s unique porous film provides air/sound permeability and water/dustproof function at the same time, which prevents inundation and contamination inside of the case.


Electronics industry experts recognize that thermal interface materials (TIMs) are crucial in maintaining the reasonable life and reliability of heat-generating electronic components.


Highly Engineered Embossed Polyethylene Liner, Resists paints and varnishes, Long lasting, Maintains an attractive appearance

Schlegel Electronic Materials Asia Limited
Specialty Products

Is the leader in woven textiles and extruded plastic products for automotive,aerospace, office equipment, transportation & heavy industrial applications. Our engineered products are developed to meet customer needs in automotive, aerospace, copier, defense, transportation, textiles and other markets.

While SEM Specialty Products long tenured product development team commonly works with customers to develop new products, existing product categories include sway bar bushing liners, automotive spray suppressants, spiral wound brushes, static dissipators, edge trims, exhaust hanger bands, flex channels, textile seals and more.

Product Category


SEM Specialty Products is active in serving the printing industry with copier and printing components that provide innovative solutions for all types of design challenges.

Woven Pile

Leader in providing high quality, traditionally woven pile products for a wide variety of applications. SEM SP uses proven manufacturing processes to create a high quality product with several versatile characteristics.


From window stabilizers and anti-vibration parts to Spray Suppressant skirting, edge trim, and sunroof seals, SEM SP’s Transportation Division covers products and applications within the automotive, aerospace, tractor, boating and recreational vehicle (RV products) industries.


Custom and Standard Seals Available!
An Extruded Copolymer, These Durable Seals Resist Rot, Mildew & Corrosion


we have more than a century of experience in creating the highest quality woven textile and extruded products. Allow our experience to be your advantage.


Being the best means having the highest quality weatherstripping product available and, in your hands, on time, every time. Having sub-par components and missed deadlines is not an option.

Schlegel Electronic Materials Asia Limited
Thermal Management Materials

We offer various gap fillers and PCM/thermal grease for use in the communications, computer, transportation, medical device, and consumer markets. Our thermal management products provide thermal management solutions for various heat-generating electrical equipment such as notebook computers, high-performance CPU and chipset, portable electronic equipment and alteration of power supplies.

Our products exhibit high conformability and high thermal performance, and have a wide operating temperature range and the UL ratings for applications where anti-flammability is an important consideration.

Product Category

Bisco® or Poron®

Environmental Seals, Outdoor Electrical Gaskets, EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets, Chip Package of Battery Cushions, Low Flame, Smoke and Toxicity Seals and Gap Fillers, Automotive Heat Shields


High voltage endurance, High temperature stability,
Shock and flections resistance,
Acid-proof and alkali solvent endurance

Thermally Conductive
Gap Fillers

A wide range of thermal, electrical and hardness characteristics
UL rating for flame sensitive applications, Naturally tacky

Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials

Proprietary technology prevents excessive pump-out after initial burn-in cycle
Naturally tacky and heat sink preheating or additional adhesive for attachment

Thermal Grease

Single phase paste like thermal interface material
Will not harden on long exposure to elevated temperatures

Two-Part Thermally Conductive Silicone Sealant

Superior thermal performance , Easy storage
High resistivity against water and heat

Thermal Putty

Excellent thermal conductivity , Halogen-freeNever dries, Suitable for dispensing

Thermally Conductive Insulators

Highly compliant surface characteristic
High thermal conductivity and dielectric strength

Thermally Conductive interface Pads

High and low temperature resistance.
High corrosion resistance

Gap Fillers

Good compressibility,
Non-silicone gap pad,
RoHS complaint and Halogen-free

Emei Materials Systems Limited

We offer different relay sealant, potting compound and various adhesives,
such as polymer–modified mortars, structural, surface mount, thermal and die attach adhesives for the applications
in industries such as telecommunications, electronics, multimedia and medical device.

Product Category

Relay Sealant

Relay Sealant
Air-hole Sealant

Touch Panel

Electrode printing for resistive touch panels
Electrode printing for capacitive touch panels (laser etching)

Thermal Management Material

Metal / ceramic adhesion
NTC/PTC potting
high temperature component potting
heat sink / IC interface thermal compound

Transformer Adhesion & Potting Applications

Power supply, Relay, Transformer, Thermal sensor, Coils, IGBTS

Motor / Stepper Motor Assembly

Adhere magnet to casing / rotor, Magnet bonding, Commutator protection, Balancing compound

Micro-electronic Material

COB bonding, Thermally conductive, Sealing, Under-fill, Semi-conductor package

Membrane switch / FPC / RFID

Membrane switch,
Flexible circuit, Circuit board

Circuitry and Contacts Printing

For switch circuit,
Circuit bridging

LED Application

LED lamp die attach,
High power LED die attach

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Potting, Encapsulation, Conformal coating, Stencil, Surface mount, Thermally conductive

Buzzer / MEMS Assembly

Buzzer potting,
Ceramic / cable reinforcement

Medical Equipments

Needle bonding, Medical mask and tubing, Metal, glass, plastics, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, polycarbonate, PVC, polyester fiber adhesion

UV Adhesive

LCD end seal, Relay air void seal, Plastic, metal , glass, ceramic adhesion

Structural Adhesive and Others

General purpose structural adhesive, Car heap lamp sealants, LCD assembly

Emei (HK) Components Limited

Our magnetic components and power supplies are typically used as components in
high-performance architectural, theatre, stage and studio lighting systems.

Product Category

Switching Transformer

Less power consumption, high efficiency, lower temperature-rise, small size, light weight, wide range of regulated voltage, high working frequency。

T core & Power Choke

Common-mode choke suppressing conductive noise ranging from low to high frequencies generate at power supply circuits of various electronic equipment.

SMD Power Inductor

Small size, surface-mountable, and T& R (may coding) package, suitable for automatic pick & place operation, wide range of work frequency.

Laminated Transformer

Working frequency at 50/60Hz,high stability for power supply and load, regulation fast transient (faster instance) response, no switching frequency interference, low loss at no load, high power output, high efficiency, low temperature rise, safety and reliability.

Audio Transformer

Excellent anti-interference capability, small distributed capability, high impedance, low magnetic leakage, low loss

Current Sense Transformer

With high permeability permalloy core with epoxy potting, products features on high precision, excellent linear performance, well-insulation, low profile etc.

Electronic Ballast

Electronic Smart Ballast, with Optional RS885, Communication Powers most AC HID Lamps, between 1200w – 2000w

Direct-current Power Supplies

Integrated LED Driver, Integrated LED Driver 12 – 24Vdc Fan Supply Fan Failure Function 48VDc Aux Supply, 12 – 24Vdc Fan Supply

Custom Made Magnetic

The electronic materials and components we supply are specifically-tailored with different physical, mechanical and electrical properties to cater for application in manufacturing a wide array of downstream electronic products.

Fabrication Technology

ECL has over 20 years manufacturing experience in inductive component industry. We have high-quality engineering team, supply chain management team and production management team.

BMC Far East Limited

LyondellBasell is the market leader on manufacturing BMC (Bulk Molding Compound). Emei Group cooperated with LyondellBasell and set up BMC Far East Limited (BMC FE) specializing to manufacture & develop China & Asia Pacific business. With US LyondellBasell pioneer chemical formula & Emei Group strong business coverage, BMC FE becomes the high-end BMC market leader in China and also Asia. By providing consistent materials with excellent physical, mechanical and electrical properties, BMC material is widely applied on Electrical, Appliances, Housewares, Automotive, lighting industries.

Product Category

Home Appliances

For small home appliance that generates temperatures exceeding 150oC, BMC is the suitable components that could be used in such high temperature but still maintain the specified color, gloss and dimensions.


Housewares represent a product market traditionally dominated by porcelains, ceramics, resin castings and stone. Scratch, stain and chemical resistance is vital in applications that demand the ultimate in aesthetics.

Electrical Application

BMC have excellent electrical insulation, heat resistance and dielectric properties, thus BMC is the best choice for circuit breakers, stand off insulators and motor brush holders.


GM’s 3800 valve cover was a one on one replacement for die-cast aluminum. It is currently used on over 9 different models and is the longest-running passenger car valve cover application in the indust

Conductive BMC

BMC 940 and BMC 945 are electrically conductive bulk molding compounds (BMC) that offer corrosion and creep resistance, high thermal and electrical performance at a significantly lower cost than metals

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